Nobuo Uematsu Official App for you iPhone available now!
Hello this is Miyu,

Here's a good news for all the iPhone users!
Nobuo Uematsu Official App for you iPhone available now!
The appli is available in both Japanese/English!

You could check all the basic information as Nobuo's profile and discography
and all his official pages as twitter, FaceBook, Ustream"EARTHDBOUND PAPAS TV", and You Tube"DER Channel".

You could downloading the appli for free too!
[Download Nobuo Uematsu Official App here!]
Nobuo Uematsu Official App

There'll be rare movies, decoration for emails and more fun stuff coming up soon for the appli!
Don't miss out!!

[What's included in the appli]
* News
* Profile
* Discograpy
* Link to iTunes
* Official Twitter
* Official Facebook page
* Official USTREAM Channel
* Official YouTube Channel
* Fanmails

* More fun staff coming up! *


[English]Nobuo Uematsu Official App
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Nobuo Uematsu's Official Fanpage now available on facebook!
The cherry blossom season has come to Jiyugaoka as well.
Hello, this is Miyu.

Today's news:
Nobuo Uematsu's Official Fan Page is now on facebook!
Nobuo Uematsu [Official: Dog Ear Records]

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Members of EARTHBOUND PAPAS (Nobuo's new band!) are being busy on Twitter too.
You could see them chattering around also on "EARTHBOUND PAPAS Official Website" (you don't need an account to see them on there!) Check this out!

See you on facebook / Twitter too!
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"Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu" Tickets on sale now!
The producer and the orchestra of legendary game music concert
"Symphonic Fantasies" gather again to perform

"Symphonic Odysseys
- Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu"


The WDR Rundfunkorchester KAvln is continuing its successful series of concerts featuring video game music. Next year, on July 9, 2011 the WDR presents "Symphonic Odysseys" at the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, Germany. This highly anticipated concert will feature music written by Japanese Nobuo Uematsu, the world's most well-known composer of video game music. The program includes music from video game such as "Lost Odyssey", "Final Fantasy" and "Blue Dragon".

Ticket sales for "Symphonic Odysseys" will start today (December 1, 2010) at 10 AM.

Time: July 9th, 2011 (Sat.)
Place: Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, Germany

WDR Rundfunkorchester KAvln
WDR Rundfunkchor KAvln

Nobuo Uematsu, Guest of Honor
Benyamin Nuss, Pianist
Rony Barrak, Percussionist

Arnie Roth, Conductor

Official website:


Hello, it's Miyu.
So, it was a big news for all of us, hey!?

The tickets just went on sale today!
Check out the details at


* Please contact to for questions and more information.
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"Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" English Lyrics Available Online!
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As many of you already know / listened to (thank you by the way!)
"Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" has English version as well as the original Japanese version on iTunes Music Store.

Since it's released, we get requests from lots of you saying
"Can we see the lyrics?"
"How do the pictures for each songs look like?"

So...The lyrics and the pictures are available online now!!

We are sorry to keep you all waiting, but we really wanted to show you the wonderful art works by Koji Shibano, made especially for the songs, and the lyrics written by Mr.NOBIYO ASAP! (although Uematsu's lyrics are translated into English, yet all the ideas and the words came from Uematsu! Besides, the translation has been done very very nicely!...and oh, by the way, it's not me who did the translation of the songs, I wish I was that good though...!)

We hope you'll enjoy looking at the lyrics with pictures!

""Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" English Lyrics"
"Dog Ear Records "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" page"
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"Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY" is now available for download online!
Hello everyone, this is Miyu.
How are you guys doing?
In Japan, we just had a long weekend called "Golden Week."
It's kind of like a reading break, :D

Well well! "Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY," A new album of world-famous "FINAL FANTASY" concert is now available online to download!!
And..., Of course!! "Dancing Mad," the song Nobuo Uematsu's new band project "Earthbound Papas" has played with the Royal Stockholm Orchestra has included too!

It has said it's the first time for game music to be released at 24 bit/88.2k. If you have the playback capabilities, download the ALAC files (playable in iTunes) and take advantage of the HD sound quality!

"Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY Official Site"
"DER Earthbound Papas Special Page"

It's very nice outside today, we just want to download "DW2" and go out with it"

See you!

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