DERBLOG Releasing 3 titles on iTunes Store!
Releasing 3 titles on iTunes Store!
Hello! This is wappa writing!
Here is the new DER information which I wrote in last entry!


◆NEWS 1◆
From the beginning of August 2008,
Dog Ear Records will start releasing 3 titles on
iTunes Store(JP/US/CA/EU/AU/NZ) world wide!

First title!
"KALAYCILAR/Keita Egusa"the first DER's original title!
1.KALAYCILAR (Turkish traditional)
2.AISHA (Moroccan traditional)
3.SIMOON (cover version of YMO/composed by Haruomi Hosono)
You can see the video of recording sessions on official page!
【KALAYCILAR Official page】

Second title!
The remixer of "FINAL FANTASY REMIX"
ante/Ian Hartley's solo project - saRu's album
"monkey breaks"will be released by DER!
Check the digest mix of "monkey breaks" on official page!
【monkey breaks official page】

Third title!
"Anatawo Yurusanai Original Soundtrack" the first CD of DER will be released on iTunes store including the 5 Jazz standard which were used in the game "Anatawo Yurusanai" .
The opening song "Toneless" and ending song "Tookukara Anatawo" are composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and Lyrics are written by Kazushige Nojima.
【Anatawo Yurusanai Original Soundtrack special page】


◆NEWS 2◆
Dog Ear Records Channel opened on Youtube!
Check the recoding session video of "KALAYCILAR/Keita Egusa" and please write us a lot of commens!

【KALAYCILAR/Keita Egusa ~from Dog Ear Records channel】

【SIMOON/Keita Egusa ~from Dog Ear Records channel】


We're now planning to release those titles from August 1st, but the release date maybe change for some reason, so please check our official site and blog to know when it starts.

Please look forward to listening!

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