DERBLOG TBM3rd"Darkness and Starlight" Release-date party [English]
TBM3rd"Darkness and Starlight" Release-date party [English]
Hello, this is wappa!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that "THE BLACK MAGES III / Darkness and Starlight" has sold out in many stores. And we are thrilled by the blog comment which is written about how you had fun by listening to our new album. Thank you so much!

On March 19th, the release date of "Darkness and Starlight", we held a little album-release party, at Italian restaurant in Jiyu-gaoka, inviting all the people who worked with us during the production. We all worked in real-hard schedule for the album. So, at this party, we talked with each other with deep emotion, and drank a lot and forget the memories of the hard work.

And today, March 21st. is Nobiyo's birthday! So we did his "early" Birthday party at the same time.

Following picture is Manami Kiyota singing "Happy Birthday" for Nobiyo.
and the picture after he blow out the candle.



Finally, we reached to the release date, but we don't have time to rest! We have a talk event at shibuya Tower Record on April 19th. And of course! we are planning for TBM live concert! We'll do our best, so please give us your continued support!

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TBM are fantastic =D. Yours CD it's wonderful. I'd like that you play yours music in Sardinia, Italy. I'd like so much.

TBM siete fantastici =D. Il vostro CD è stupendo. Mi piacerebbe che voi suonesse in Sardegna, Italia! Mi piacerebbe molto.
2008.03.23 | posted by lioncomposer | URL | EDIT |
Hope to see you again here in Italy ^_^ We have to take your promise to come back! Happy Birthday Nobuo!!!
2008.04.09 | posted by Studio Fenice Import | URL | EDIT |
茸 鰰褌竡 瘤譛 辷邃? 辣 碌鴃纈蓿?! 釿韲跋?? 褌諡繩? 闔齏? 礦粤?,
2008.05.20 | posted by pismos | URL | EDIT |
neploxo tak, i`m glad,
2008.07.28 | posted by name | URL | EDIT |