DERBLOG Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY at Chicago [English]
Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY at Chicago [English]
Hello, this is wappa writing. The BLOG MAGES 2008 has started at [HERE] from yesterday! We revealed the final track list the other day, and the releasing date is getting near! Please look forward to listening to it!

Well, the day after the last process of TBM's 3rd album, Nobiyo and I departed to Chicago for the Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY tour. I couldn't sleep for a few days working for The Black Mages. So as soon as I sat on the seat, I slept deeply, and I don't even remember when the airplane took off. But it still create a lot of stress even if I slept deeply. 'cause it took almost 15 hours to get to Chicago. I always get tired in every trip, but even if so, I'm always satisfied when I'm going back. Always thinking that "It was really nice that I could come here".
How do I feel this time, after the concert?

The day after we arrived at Chicago, we visited the "Flash Point Academy", the school of "Digital Media Art Collage", to do the workshop and tour. There is a cutting-edge facility for the advanced sector, and I feel like I want to put myself in the school as a student again!


Nobiyo and Arnie talking about the history of Chocobo music.


After visiting the Flash Point Academy, we had a rehearsal at the CFM's studio. At this time, Chicago is Arnie's hometown, so the orchestra playing was "Chicagoland Pops Orchestra", the orchestra which Arnie is the Musical director and the principal conductor. There was a Japanese woman in a violin section and she kindly helped us as a interpreter, not just as a performer.


March 1st, the concert day, it was the same place as "Dear Friends"concert. Yes, it's Rosemount Theatre. Talking with many staff and audience, I notice that there are a lot of people who were also there at the "Dear Friends" concert.
Finally, the chorus member joined the rehearsal, and Nobiyo started checking the sounds.


One of the best part of this "Distant Worlds" is the special movies which were edited originally for this concert. You can see the impressive high light scenes from the FINAL FANTASY there. Those movies are synchronized with the orchestra sounds, and make the concert a dramatic entertainment show.


As the time of key stage get near, the audience began to form a line in front of the entrance. And finally, the theatre was full of audience welcoming Nobuo in standing ovation. Thank you for welcome us in open hands!

The concert went on with a big excitement. And before performing the opera, Arnie talked about "The Black Mages 3rd Album - Darkness and Starlight", announcing that it includes the TBM version of Opera! So when the opera singer sang the part "I'm the darkness, you're the starlight ", I grinned delightedly, ha ha. Because that was the part which gave us the inspiration of the TBM3rd album's title. It was different Opera vocalists from Stockholm concert. But they were also fantastic! Also, Leanne who was the vocalist of "Distant Worlds" sang with a great personality of her own. It was also fantastic.


And same as the Stockholm concert, we had a "Meeting & Greeting Session"after the concert. I always try to talk with someone as much as I can during this session, to communicate with Nobuo's fans. And I was really touched that there were a lot of fans who came from Florida and many other states. Nobuo told me before that when he heard the cheer of the fans after each music performance, he's always moved to the point of tears.
And the next day of concert, we went to the airport with satisfaction, and we felt again "It was really nice that I could come here"!

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