DERBLOG TBM3rd "Darkness and Starlight" special movie#2 Updated!
TBM3rd "Darkness and Starlight" special movie#2 Updated!
Hello, this is wappa writing. How are you?
Half of February has gone by already.
How time flies!
But it also means that March 19th is getting near!!

Today, we updated the Special Movie #2 on TBM3rd special site.
Ummm? TBM members are talking about the chorus?!
Will they sing by them selves?
And as same as the video which we updated last time,
you can listen to the DEMO Version of the new added song.
The song played in this movie is......
"Assault of the Silver Dragons" from Final Fantasy 9!!

So the music titles announced already are.....
"Opening - Bombing Mission (from Final Fantasy7)",
"Premonition (from Final Fantasy8)",
"Assault of the Silver Dragons (from Final Fantasy9)",
and THAT song which is included in the FF3DS sound track!
Also, "Vana'diel Press" had announced that TBM's new arrange of
"Memoro de la Stono" will be included in their new album!
Wow, half of the details are already announced!

Anyway, it has been a very hard schedules to the members to
produce this 3rd album.
but on the other hand, that situation made them having a
strong "Enthusiasm" inside their music.
That enthusiasm does not mean "it's just a hard & heavy sound".
They are prompt in decision to make each music a spectacular arrangement.
I wish I could bring this CD to you right now!!
Please, please look forward to listening, and wait until March 19th!!

from the video updated
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Woahh!!! *o*

I am so excited with every single new I read about this 3rd album!!

Hell yeah, all I want in march is to buy it!!
Maybe I should be fast searching in some internet shops (won't say the names)... xD

God, I am still waiting for Uematsu-sama here in Spain!! Ù_Ú

Pleaseee, come to Spain!!!! *o*

I wanna kiss Uematsu-sama!!!
I mean... huh... bye!! >///<U
2008.02.23 | posted by Nekoi Kitsune | URL | EDIT |
Hey!! I am here again!! >////<

Huh.. I want to ask if it would be possible to make in the future an arrangement for mixing 3 themes from FINAL FANTASY II: Reunion~Army Rebel Theme~Battle Theme #2 [Final Battle]. That would be awesome [Insert here Cefca Palazzo's laugh]!!!! *O*

Yeah, better if I calm down a little. xD
Kisses for all of you!! Bye!! o///oU
2008.02.25 | posted by Nekoi Kitsune | URL | EDIT |