DERBLOG THE BLACK MAGES III ~Darkness and Starlight~ [English]
THE BLACK MAGES III ~Darkness and Starlight~ [English]
Hello, this is wappa writing!
The weather turned very cold, and it snowed in Japan today....
But! I got a hot news for you!

THE BLACK MAGES will come back with their 3rd album!!
And the title of the album is......,

「THE BLACK MAGES III ~Darkness and Starlight~」!

will be released on March 19th 2008!

At our special site of TBM3rd(,
You can check the fantastic illustration of "Hideo Minaba"for the new album,
the special trailer of THE BLACK MAGES, and you can also listen to the song
「Opening-Bombing Mission(from FINAL FANTASY7)」which will be included in
the new album!


This special brings you the most up-to-date informations of TBM!
Don't miss it!!

Here are some of the very fine article about Nobuo's works & concert.

■The review of "Anatawo Yurusanai Original Soundtrack"
by ""

■Interview article by at the「Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY」.

■Movie of the InStore event of "Anatawo Yurusanai Original Soundtrack"
at Shibuya TOWER RECORDS!by "OdorokuTV"
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