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Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY / Concert in Sweden
Hej、this is wappa writing!
Nobuo and I had been to Stockholm in Sweden. Of course, for attending at the "Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY"concert.

Same as when we went to Italy, it was a long long flight until arriving at Stockholm. When we reached at the hotel late in the evening of Dec.2nd, Mr.&Mrs.Boecker who are the consultant of the Distant Worlds kindly came to welcome us. Nobiyo and Mr.&Mrs.Boecker had met several times before at the "PLAY!"concert and the Leipzig concert, but it was the first time for me to meet them. Impression of them? They are reeeeeally nice person! I had talked with Mr.&Mrs.Boecker several times by email, and I felt that the e-mail messages makes one what they are. They were just the image I'd imagined. Mr.Arnie Roth who is the conductor and also the director of this "Distant Worlds Tour" hadn't arrived at the hotel yet because of another concert. He had to come to Stockholm from Sydney by 16hours flight. So, we bought a beer and had a little party at the lobby in the hotel, and went back to each room early to prepare for the next busy days.

Dec.3rd, the day before the concert, I met Mr.Arnie Roth for the first time since the "VOICES music from the FINAL FANTASY" concert. He arrived at the hotel at midnight, so he must be very tired by a long flight, but he always shows us his best smile. There was also Mr.Chris Szuberla from A.W.R., and he was also working very hard all days for editing the movie until the concert day of Distant Worlds.
After the breakfast, Nobiyo went straight to the concert hall for the interviews. The interview must be finished early in the morning so that they can issue it on next morning newspaper.


As soon as the interview finished, rehearsal of the orchestra started. We are always nervous when we listen to the sounds of orchestra for the first time. But I was impressed by the sounds of "Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra". Their performance is fantastic! Nobiyo checked the tempo and the notes of each songs carefully, and checked with Arnie-san after each song had finished. We always do this at rehearsal to bring our own image closer to each other's image in less time, to make all the songs sound perfectly at the key stage.

Photo by Thomas
After the rehearsal, he did a few interviews at the concert hall again. Then, we went out to have a dinner together, and talked about each other's recent news, in a leisurely conversation.

Dec.4th, the day of the concert, we got a few free time in the morning, so Nobiyo and I went out for a walk with Mr.T from Square-Enix whom arrived at Stockholm last night. My impressions of the town of Stockholm was "urbane". There is an old historical buildings which we can see in Europe, but there was also a lot of modern designed building. My image of "Sweden" before I visit there was "The country which manufacture a fashionable products with a tasteful design". Exactly the same image. But on the other hand, when we went to the Helgeandsholmen, the scenery suddenly changed. It was a beautiful place like the one which I saw in the European picture-book when I was a child. In Japan, there's much more Christmas illumination, but Stockholm has more tasteful "Christmas atmosphere". The time had passed by fast, we hurried and went back to hotel, and headed straight for a concert hall. Of course, Nobiyo changed his clothes to "Samue" !

While we were waiting at the greenroom, we felt a different kind of tension than the past. 'Cause the concert in Stockholm was the first concert which we will continue for 3 years from now. Even I was tensed, so we can't imagine how Nobiyo-the one who composed all of the songs which will be played at the concert- was tensed. Before the show starts, I went to the entrance of the concert hall to see the audience. Then, I was really surprised that the lobby was crowded and full with excitement! I felt the tension leaving my body, and it was the first time my tears started forming in my eyes that day.
Nobiyo and I went to the seat after all the audience were ready for the show start. As soon as we sat down, the spectacular show had started. Incidentally, the 2nd time I moved to tears was when I listened to "To Zanarkand"

About the details of the concert, please wait until you see it! Even if you already had a chance to see the "Final Fantasy concert" in Japan before, it is extremely different when you see it in the other countries. And also the reaction of the fans from the other countries must be very interesting and make you exciting. You can find another way of having fun by the Final Fantasy orchestra concert. Next concert will take place in Mar.1st at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago USA. It is Mr.Arnie Roth's home town, so I'm sure that it must be an exciting concert!!

※The picture is from the "VIP meet and greet session". We had a chance to talk with many fans there! Thank you for coming!!

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Hi Nobuo! I´m Dalmiro from Argentina and I´m a great fan of yours. I´m 15 years old, so I can´t go to Sweden because my parents wouldn´t let me.
The same as the first comment "Wish I could have been there, too..." T_T
I won´t ask you to come to Argentina, but that´s my dream.
Nobuo, I love your music xD

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