DERBLOG Florence/Italy "Festival della Creativita"
Florence/Italy "Festival della Creativita"
Ciao! This is wappa writing. Influenced by Italy from the begging. On Nov.4th early in the morning, we came back toJapan after a long long flight. In Italy, we participated in both events, "Festival of Creativity"in Florece, and "'08 Comics and Games" in Lucca. We decided to participate in those festival at the begging of this year, so it took a long long time until we participate in October. Both of the festival was a big success and there is a lot of memorial moment staying there, so I want to tell you about it on this blog little by little. At first, I'll write about the first event -Festival of Creativity-.

If the information which I heard is right, this was the 2nd year since the festival changed their name to "Festival of Creativity". Last year, 170 thousands people came here during four days, and we were surprised that in this year they expected for 200 thousands people to come, But finally, 350 thousands people came for this festival and that's incredible number for these kinds of event which is focused on "Creativity", I felt that the people in Toscana has a strong interest in "creative things" because the person like Leonaldo da Vinci born in Toscana and also had been a leader of Artistic things from the Renaissance. So, it was a honor for us to be invited to such a big festival, and for the main event of the festival.

It was late in the evening on Oct.26th when we arrived at Florence after the long flight. We were tired indeed, but I’m proud of you, master Nobiyo! He drunk beer as soon as we arrived at the restaurant. Europe is a tracts of dryness more than Japan, so we can't help drinking beer! Right, master? And next day on Oct.27th, we didn’t had any particular event, but for the rehearsal and the interviews for many kinds of media, we went to the place where the festival held –Fortezza da Basso- a place sorrounded by many historic buildings.


The person in charge took us to the VIP zone where all the participants wait until their event, and as soon as we got there, we all started to drink wines. Umm…Italian people drink wine like a water!


As I write in the previous entry, there were a lot of interviews from the wide range of media like RAI TV, Rolling Stone Italy, because the festival was not focused only on the games. And tomorrow is the day of attending to the concert. How will the reaction of the Italian fans become? I was wondering about it all the night.

Oct.28th, the last day of the festival at Florence, the weather brightened excellently as same as yesterday. When we arrived at Florence, it was raining and was a muggy weather, but I think Nobiyo brought the sun with him from Japan. The day started from his talk show and was so exciting moment! The welcome of Italian fans were all very kind and warm in every places! In the talk show, one of the question was about his favorite things in Italy, and Nobiyo explained about how much he loves the Italian things, and he have been a big fan of PFM and Mauro Pagani since he was young. We heard that Mr.Pagani was also participating in this festival, so Nobiyo sent him a video message during the talk show. PFM is a great Progressive Rock band from Italy, and Mauro Pagani is the violinist who was a member of PFM. Then suddenly! Mauro Pagani came to the stage to meet him !!! Wow ! Of course master Nobiyo was also surprised and was dizzy with excitement !


Surprise continued. Master artist of ceramic came from Montelupo to present him a big ceramic dish with a wonderful paintings. Thanks for the great gift ! And as soon as he finished the talk show, Nobiyo started his signing session. And after that, he had to go to the place where concert was held, Umm…hard schedule for him today. But the excitement of the concert instantly eliminated our fatigue. The reaction of the Italian fans were great ! Before the concert, we were littlebit worried that the songs from "Blue Dragon" and "Lost Odyssey" was the first time to play in full orchestra with Nobiyo's attendance. But the orchestra did great performance and the standing ovation of Italian fans were so impressive !

After the concert, there were some people still waiting for Nobiyo, so he wrote the autograph and took a picture with them. Finally, he reached to the dinner late at night, and by coincidence, live concert of Mauro Pagani's band started at the stage where we can see it from the VIP zone. Nobiyo was hooked on their performance, and it was the only relaxing moment he had during the day. It was quite a busy day but also lots of excitement and surprise!


Next time, I’ll write about the “Lucca ’08 Comics and Games”.
Please look forward for it!

P.S. Our “Inu-mimi Radio” will be updated in the middle of this week with a little “English & Italian" section.


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