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Analog Record
Hello, this is Matsushita writing.
From the name of our company, I think you already know that the"Dog Ear Record"is a record label company. We are going to announce officialy about our 1st released CD very soon, so please wait for a moment.
I don't have an adventure spirit like releasing our 1st work by an analog record even if the title of this entry is "Analog record". But I was born in 1967, and my generations are the last personificator of the "Analog record listeners". I remember "compact disk" has spread when I was a teenager,so I'm also the one who experienced the passage of "Analog media - Compact disk - Network music". Of course, there are many young people whom experienced the same movement, but averagely, it's close to my generations. Incidentally, the "analog record boom" which happened in Japan at 90's will not be raised. As for that, it's in so-called "Onko-chishin", which means "discovery of new things by studying the past phenomenon, the discovery of new things by studying the past music", and its representative music is "HIP HOP". By the way, I love HIP HOP and I still want to become a MC(rapper).

My friend Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Kenji Ito are the same generation as me, and "Yellow Magic Orchestra(YMO)" the music which all our generation had listened is still an very important music. On the first half of my teenage, I listened to YMO even if the record had been rustled and damaged. But it was a good textbookish music for the age of listening to music consciously.

I have talked about the"Analog age" with Uematsu-san many times, and I felt that our "Analog age generation" has a common consciousness of listening to music. Though, Uematsu-san is the real analog generation, so he has more high consciousness of music, different from the person like me whom experienced scratching records.

The "Analog record mind" which I(the last Analog personificator) listened to the same record every day is the way of thinking which I don't want to lose forever, even if it's private time or a working time, even if the media changes. But with ipod in my hand.

The photograph is my Analog record group which looks like a huge garbage mountain. (But, of course it's not!)


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