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Concert info. & etc.
Hello, this is wappa writing!
Matching to a visit of the new season, we have started the new project like "Inu-mimi Radio" and "Blog entry from producer Matsuhita". Did you check those already?

I have 2 informations for you today.
1). Nobuo Uematsu had been chosen to the Newsweek Japan's special feature article "100 Japanese whom the world respects". He's also on the front of the book jacket!



When I met my friends who is from overseas, I'm always impressed by the passion and strong affection for Nobuo's Music every time. And this article reminds me all those friends!

2).At the end of October, Nobuo and I will visit Florence/Italy 'cause he is invited to the "Festival of Creativity".
We will participate in the talk show and also the orchestra concert. The theme of this event is focused on the creativity of "Nobuo Uematsu" , so the songs which they play at the concert are from "Final Fantasy","LOST ODYSSEY", and "BLUE DRAGON". Oooh, it must be rare concert. I will send you the photos and etc. on this blog (or, on DER homepage). Please look forward for it!

And if someone who lives in Florence is reading this blog, or someone who had been to Florence before, please tell us the recommend places! :D

Oh! There is one more information!
We will hold a concert; "ORCHESTRAL PIECES from LOST ODYSSEY & BLUE DRAGON" on Nov.19th 2007 at Bunkamura Orchard Hall. Nobiyo and Mr.Sakaguchi will both participate in the concert, so please come and see them!

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Have a nice day! wappa
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