DERBLOG Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #4
Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #4
Hello, it's Miyu. How is everyone overthere doing!
The cherry blossom started to fall already here around our office :(

Oh, by the way, Dog Ear Records is now on Twitter!
Sorry most of the tweets are in Japanese...
We do tweet in English when something English is updated or some big news comes up!
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...Well well, it has been a while since the last time, as always...
"Inu-mimi Family Meeting Vol.4
staff report from backstage!

Our next performers are AKANE, a female unit plays
very unique Japanese falksong + synthesized sound.
..and a Spiritual Therapy session!? Find out what happened!

Our next performer AKANE is a singer of the theme song of
Nintendo DS game "Sakura Note"! AKANE is Mr.NOBIYO's recommend!
(Mr.NOBIYO had composed the music for the game as well as the theme song!)
Yumibo-san, the vocalist, has a very strong & thick voice for singing Japanese traditional style falk.
Sally-san, the keyboardist / composer creates
digital sound and the mixture of the voice and the synthesizer sound is just exquisite!
(You might know her as composer of "Panzer Dragoon ORTA")
....Please give a shot for their 1st album "Kochae" before I go on explaining!
"Listen a demo of AKANE 1stAlbum "Kochae on iTunes!"

If you have a chance to be in Japan on April 22th,
there's AKANE live at Roppongi Edge!
I'll be going to see them too! So excited!

Our next performer is Kaihi Sato-san, an "energy counselor"
and he performed a spiritual therapy session! Again, very unique, isn't it.
We had a member of Mr.NOBIYO fanclub and
Kumi Tanioka-san, the composer of CRYSTAL CRONICLE as clients!
(Thank you for your participation!)
Here's a picture of Sato-san giving some advice to Tanioka-san.
Look at Mr.NOBIYO laughing. We had a fun and misterious time.

See you on the next report!

"AKANE Official Website"
"AKANE 1st Album "Kochae" on iTunes"
"Energy Counselor Kaihi Sato-san Official Website"

Photographs by Shinjiro Yamada(
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