DERBLOG Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #3
Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #3
Hi, it's Miyu! It's April Fool everyone!
We won't tell you a lie though...Dog Ear Records is honest, you know!

There are cherry blossoms (SAKURA!) blooming around our office
and the first strong south winds is signaling the beginning of spring now!
How about your area? Spring yet??

It's been a little while from the last time ...but here it goes!
"Inu-mimi Family Meeting Vol.4 staff report from backstage!
Here are our next performers!
She was there for "Inu-mimi Famili Meeting vol.2," Suika Yonezawa!
Remember him from "vol.3"? Mitsuhiro Ohta is playing the guitar.
(He's the guitar player for oofujitsubo!)
I'm supposed to write a backstage report, but since not so many of you came or saw the event online broadcast, I thought I'd better explain more rather than writing how they were doing backstage like I do for the Japanese version.

Is this your first time seeing the name Suika Yonezawa?
She's a singer song writer and you can hear her music on our Suika Yonezawa special page
(Sorry it's in Japanese, the samples are in the bottom left corner!)
I did say I better explain more, but in this case, it's better to actually listen to her music rather than me keep on blahbing!

The performance was great, of course!
She sang "Unforgettable You" which is the same song we have on the special site above.
Here's an inside story!
After Suika-san came out from the dressing room with her dress,
she kept asking Ohta-san "How do I look? Is this okay??"
It was very cute.
"DER Suika Yonezawa Special Page"
"Ohta-san's band "oofujitsubo" Special Page"

Our next performer is a guitarist, Yuji Hasegawa.
Yuji-san and Mr. Nobiyo are good friends for a long time.
You might have heard him play on the CD "Final Fantasy Songbook Mahoroba."
(Yup, that's him playing!)
We had a special guest coming this time...

Surprise! Manami Kiyota, the original singer of "Mahoroba"!
She sang "Ameagari, sanpomichi" for us.
(means "After the Rain, a Stroll",
the vocal arrange of "Descendant of Shinobi" (Yuffie's Theme) from Final Fantasy VII!)
We now have Yuji-san's 1st solo albun on iTunes Music Store, check it out!

"DER Yuji Hasegawa Special Page"
"DER Manami Kiyota Special Page"

See you next report!!

Photograph: Shinjiro Yamada(

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