DERBLOG Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #2
Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4: Staff Report #2
Hi, it's Miyu again!

Let me continue
"Inu-mimi Family Meeting Vol.4 staff report from backstage!

Remember the surprise first performers from "vol.3"?
They came back to surprise us this time for "vol.4" as well!
Full to the doors!
Shibuya DUO is filled with audience.
"Inu-mimi Family Meeting" is ready to begin!
Here comes in the first performer!
You might know him already if you've been to the "Family Meeting vol.3."
If you haven't been to the last meeting, check them out later @ sekky's "vol.3" report!

It's Yamadan, the star of Nico Nico Douga!
He's wearing our Dog Ear Tenugui (bandana) and...
A T-shirt of Ramen noodle shop on the way to Shibuya DUO!?
He's wearing a towel around his head just like the cook there too...
It turns out, Yamadan-san is the singer of Ramen shop "Hakata Furyu" theme song!
The audience must have listened the song on the way here
because the song's played loud again and again outside of the ramen shop.
Of course, he sang the theme song of "Hakata Furyu" today
then he ran away after he sang without explaining anything like a storm
making audience wonder "...what was that!"

And, here comes another surprise performer from "vol.3",
Do you remember?

Yes, it's Inu-mimi 1gou! (Dogear#1)
Lemme explain! Inu-mimi 1gou is a smart robot based on MANOI from a company called KYOSHO.
Oops, I said a robot, well, forget it.
He's not a robot! He's alive and there's no one manipulating him!
Just as the last time, Inu-mimi 1gou had started the Family Meeting very nicely!

Mr.Nobiyo and Matsushita Producer came in!
We were broadcasting the whole show on Nico Nico Live.
Look at the screen! There are comments from the audience outside DUO!
Isn't that neat?
Oh, the backstage report here.
While tte performing artists were waiting in the dressing room before the show starts,
suddenly we heard somebody shouting loud.
We found out it was Yamadan-san doing vocal exercises in storage.
All the artists were impressed by his powerful voice.

Here, I got a picture of Yamadan-san's T-shirts backside.
100313_180313.jpg 100313_231152.jpg
It says "Ramen Refill for Free Twice"
See you next time!

Yamadan-san's Blog
Ramen Shop "Hakata Furyu" website

Photo by Shinjiro Yamada (
The last 2 pictures by Miyu and her cellphone
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