DERBLOG ”10 Short Stories” Celebration &NOBIYO and the Dog Ear's Birthday Party!
”10 Short Stories” Celebration &NOBIYO and the Dog Ear's Birthday Party!
sekky-san, thank you for introducing me!
All the DER gangs are very nice and helpful, I really respect them all!
I gotta catch up too!

About "At Music" sekky-san wrote on the last blog,
it will be available online to watch again around March 29th for limited time only(JP time)
If you missed the show, here's your chance!
="At Music" Website=

Before I go back to
"Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4" Staff Report,
Let me write about

"10 Short Stories"

Celebration Party

NOBIYO and the Dog Ear's

Birthday Party!

Here it goes while it's hot from the oven!

On 17th of March, just with some staff members,
"10 Short Stories" Celebration Party &
NOBIYO and the Dog Ear's Birthday Party took place
at a nice restaurant somewhere in Tokyo.

It was a birth day of Tomori Kudo from ACE, who has done the arrange, guitar, synth programing and etc for "10SS", and the guitarist for NOBIYO and the Dog Ears at "Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.4."
Mr. Nobiyo's birth day is March 21st, and sekky-san's birthday is 2 days from that, so we decided to celebrate everything all at once.
(Tomori-san cutting the cake)
We had very good food and everyone was happy with the birthday gifts...
(The color pencil from Mr. Nobiyo has Tomori-san's name on each pencil!)
But this is a restaurant Mr. Nobiyo had taken us, don't even think this is it!

Yes, There's a Magic Show!!

A young Magician, DaiGo came up and he starts bending a fork like Uri Geller!
It was crazy he even made the fork into an art piece.
We all didn't understand what was going on and Mr. Nobiyo was like "I told ya!"

DaiGo-san put Tomori-san under hypnosis and Tomori-san bend the fork without any help from DaiGo-san.
Tomori-san even broke the fork into two pieces. Unbelievable.

The art piece DaiGo-san made was given to Tomori-san as a birthday present.
(Check out the photo on ACE Blog!)
By the way, DaiGo-san asked Tomori-san to imagine something very soft when he was under hypnosis then Tomori-san said "sponge cakes..." I thought Tomori-san's imagination was quite bendy too...

After the magic show, DaiGo-san came up saying "Excuse me..."
Well, DaiGo-san happened to be a big fan of Mr.Nobiyo!
Mr. Nobiyo, a big fan of DaiGo himself, got very excited and asked DaiGo for a picture and his autograph!
How happy does he look in this picture!
100317_215458.jpg 100318_152831.jpg
Mr. Nobiyo "Man, I'm glad I kept writing music!"

DaiGo-san nicely wrote about it on his Blog too!
Thank you for the great show, DaiGo-san!
And again, Happy Birthday to Mr.Nobiyo, Tomori-san, and sekky-san!
Please please listen to "10 Short Stories" too you guys!

"Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" Website
ACE Website
DaiGo Website

...How was it? I hope you got the fun & joyful atmosphere through this.
See you at next

Family Meeting vol.4

Staff Report!

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