DERBLOG Mr. NOBIYO on Internet TV "At Music"
Mr. NOBIYO on Internet TV "At Music"
Exqueeze me!
Hello everyone, it's sekky

Thank you for watching "Inu-mimi Family Meeting"
at Shibuya Duo or on Nico Nico Live!

I admit there are things to think about,
but the meeting ended safe and sound!
Again, thank all of you for your help!

Thanks for the comments as well.
Please wait a little bit til I catch up

I gotta tell you there's a new member in our DER office!

This person in front of me saying
"sekky! I'm nervous!" while she uploads the blog...
(Let me correct, I'm not being a bully!)

If you came to the meeting,
you might know her as
"that gal who came up on the stage before the show starts to warm-up the crowds."

Let me introduce ”Miyu,”
our new cute & energetic bilingual girl!
Please welcome her!

By the way, why are all the Dog Ear girls cute & pretty...
(Yes, I'm blowing my own horn.)

Anyways, news for you!

Tomorrow 16th, at 9 p.m.(JP Time)
Mr. Nobiyo is going to be on "At Music" , an internet TV show.

That's right,

for full 45 minutes!

I was there when they were filming.
And the DJ / MC Kaoru was very cool!

Look at her!


Hmm...maybe it's a little hard to see.

Kaoru is manipulating all the machines there!
She talks while switching the cameras, controlling the volume etc, etc...

Man, I was impressed! >_<
The show starts at 9 p.m. on 16th,
please think of Kaoru manipulating while watching the show ^^
(Don't worry who missed the show, it will be online soon for a limited time.)

Of course, please check Mr. Nobiyo and his smooth talk!


See you again
It was sekky reporting!
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