DERBLOG Album "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" March 10th 2010 on sale!
Album "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" March 10th 2010 on sale!
That's rrrright!

1st Full Album "NOBIYO UEMATSU and 10 Short Stories"
will be available on March 10th 2010
in stores & on iTunes Music Store!

Nobuo Uematsu 50th Anniversary Full Album!
for the first time he wrote all the lyrics / songs.
10 Stories telling "How to Live a Fun Life" with "100% Uematsu" melodies!
A Brand-New Fantasy by Nobuo Uematsu!

Limited Edition Information
* Digipak Style
* Picture book style booklet
* Enhanced CD including...

"Here Comes Conga Boy " "Coconut Castaway"
"The Chef Who Used His Noodle" "Gimme Gimme" Music Videos
Nobuo Uematsu Interview "What's this album made out of"

So, are you wondering

"what do you mean by
Digipak Style
Picture book style booklet
Enhanced CD?"

Let me introduce them to you!
First, Digipak Style and Picture book style booklet!

You might seen the old FINAL FANTASY OSTs
and arrange albums including "Cletic Moon" and "DEAR FRIENDS"??
Remember the old school paper case? That's Digipak!
Remember the booklet was attached to the case?
That's what we meant Picture book style!

We wanted to send you those 10 Short Stories just as picture books
and bring you a little memory from back then...
We dicided to go with the digipak for the limited edition.

Second, Enhanced CD...
It's a CD with audio data and computer data.

You can play music on your CD player,
you can watch whaterver put inside (Music Video & Interview on this album!) on your computer.
It's the only way to see this Nobuo Uematsu interview, so check this out!

So please!
Pre-order the limited edition before it goes away!

There's also a "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" Special Site.
We're sorry only Japanese version of the page available for now,
but the English version of the songs are going to be out on iTunes Music Ctore on March 10th 2010 as well.
Please check it out!

"Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories" Special Site
iTunes Music Store "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories"

"Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories"
NOBIYO and the Dog Ears
Price 3,000yen (2,857yen without tax)
Selection Number: DERP-10007

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