DERBLOG Ensemble Sugake at Shoumeido Hall [English]
Ensemble Sugake at Shoumeido Hall [English]
Hello, this is wappa writing.
Yesterday, at Shoumeido Hall of Tokorozawa, "Ensemble Sugake"(the recorder quartet which Nobiyo plays the Bass recorder) did their first performance at Mr.Ezaki's student's recital.

In this season, it's always a muggy weather in Japan. But except for that morning. It was a very cozy weather, and that weather made me think that something good will happen to us. But when we went outside after the rehearsal, it became a muggy weather again.......I hate this season. :<

Anyway, after the rehearsal, they felt that they still need to practice together more, so they looked for a place to do the rehearsal outside.


Finally, they found a park where they can play the recorder. The sound of the wind and the bird's chirping made their sounds more tasteful. This is one of the charm of the instruments like recorder that it doesn't choose a place, and needs no plugs, and very compact sized, but carries the sounds very well.


And their performance started!(They were the only Cos-Players yesterday!) It was my first chance to listen to their music, and was deeply impressed by both;the arrangement of Mr.Ezaki and the performance of the Ensemble Sugake. And it made me feel that it would be wonderful if I also had a chance to play a recorder like them! I think the other audience felt the same, too.


After the first set was finished, they went out side to take a memorial private photos. But fortunately, there were many fans who came to see their performance, so it suddenly turned into a "Photography event place".


Hello to the fans whom we met yesterday!
Here is your picture. (Click the photo for the Big size)


And lastly, we took a photo with our master Mr.Koji Ezaki! It was a busy day for him that he have to direct the programs, and helping all the students to relax and have fun playing in front of the audience. He also showed us his amazing performance and techniques!

Uum! We must check what they're gonna do next!

◆Koji Ezaki's Official Homepage

And one more infomation. The Black Mages gonna take part in the Event 「EXTRA ~HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2007」 on July 7th at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST. Please come and see their performance!
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