DERBLOG Rehearsal, rehearsal......... [English]
Rehearsal, rehearsal......... [English]
Hi, this is wappa.
Excuse me for my long silence!
Recently, I went to a rehearsal studio twice a week!

First one was the rehearsal of "Ensemble Sugake"; the recorder quartet which Nobiyo plays as a member. Not to disturb their practice, I was waiting at the lobby of the studio till their practice end. Then, four came out from the studio, with satisfactory face! It was their first lesson with their master Koji Ezaki,the great recorder player. And it seems that they had a substantial time learning from him. When can we see the fruit of their efforts?

In Japan, recorder is a required subject in every elementary school, so it is an instrument which has a sense of closeness, and we feel easy to begin learning it. But on the other hand, the recorder has extremely long long history which we don't know well, and it is profound and has a peculiar charm.
Did you play a recorder in your childhood, too?

And the other one was the rehearsal of "The Black Mages" for the「EXTRA ~HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2007」promoted by 5pb. Their latest performance was the VOICES concert at Pacifico Yokohama on Feb.2006, and the finale which they made up was spectacular! But that time, they only played one song. They haven't played more than one song since the "More Friends" concert at L.A May.16th 2005!
So, this Event will be a precious time! You must see it!

Details of the Event are here↓

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We don’t have recorder as a required subject in the elementary school in Sweden, and I didn’t play it. But today I wish I could. I played drums in the music school for four years, starting in the third grade in the elementary school. There are more instruments I want to learn. I hope to learn to play more instruments if I am going to an academy of music this autumn. I made the second part of the tests (performance, showing of a production that I’ve been made, interview, interview with a mentor) in Monday this week. I am pretty nervous now and I hope it went out well.
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Hello again, I did pass the entry exams to the university of Skövde in Sweden. First to the music education and then at the same time to the sound/music part of videogame development. It was a hard decision to make , I couldn't decide first wich education to choose. But then I chose the videogame sound education. It's not only sound, there is music too so I will compose some music in our game projects.
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