DERBLOG with Koji Shibano [English]
with Koji Shibano [English]
Hello! This is wappa writing.
The other day, we met and had a dinner with the illustrator
"Koji Shibano" who designed the LOGO of the Dog Ear Records,
and also a designer of Pao-chan of SMILE PLEASE.

In Mr.Shibano's Homepage(click here!),
there's a lot of his art works, and those are all great!

Nobiyo and Mr.Shibano were a classmate of the same high school.
In the relaxed mood, we talked not only the serious things like
the vision of the character "Pao-chan", but also a lot of amusing things.
(Most of conversations were not serious topics??)

We talked about "My favorite movie / artist / record / etc..."
But, as the time passed, the question changed to the funny one.
"If it is possible to take only one song(record) to an uninhabited island with you, what song will you choose?"
"If it is possible to take only one woman to an uninhabited island,
who will you choose?"
(Oh..... It's like a conversation which the high school students talk....)
And of course, the answer which was the most is "My Wife".
Wasn't it??
And we were too excited talking about it and missed the last train. :<

Joking apart, I think it will be great if I had a chance to work and collaborate with my good old friends, like the relation between Nobiyo and Mr.Shibano.
(Especially by the job which we dreamed about in our school days.)

Do you have a chance to work with your old best friends, too?

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