DERBLOG New project; "NOBIYO" Uematsu and the Dog Ears!
New project; "NOBIYO" Uematsu and the Dog Ears!
Hello, everyone!
This is sekky writing, and I'm the new member of Dog Ear Records from this April. wappa has been writing this DERBLOG, but from today, I will be in charge of writing this DERBLOG. Not only the news and the informations of DER's event, I will write every little thing which happened in the Dog Ear office, so please check it regularly! Of course, not only me, but also wappa and Hiropi(who wrote the last article) will sometimes write the blog.

Here's the latest news. The new project of the Dog Ear Records which we announced at the live event "Inu-mimi Family Meeting vol.2" will be launched from this May.
And the title is....
"NOBIYO"Uematsu and the Dog Ears.

Here's a comment from NOBIYO about the new project.


My usual work is to write the sound track score of video-game and etc. But in the new project, I will compose the music which I wanted to do at that moment. It may be a vocal track, but sometime, it may be a magnificent Rock-Opera. Or a recorder quartet with a cozy atmosphere, maybe? I will cast my idea into the shape with the Dog Ears.

I'm planning to start by releasing one new song during this month by digital download. And after that, I will release another new song with several months interval. It's like a single record which we had before. Please check the new dimension of my music, and wait for the updates!


The information of "NOBIYO" Uematsu and the Dog Ears will be announced at our official website, DERBLOG, and the Dog Ear E-mail magazine(article written in Japanese). Don't miss it!

You can be a member of Dog Ear E-mail magazine(article written in Japanese) from the following URL.

See you soon! Bye!


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