VIVA! MEXICO!! [English]
Hola amigo!
Today's blog is about Mexico!
Hi, this is wappa writing!

Dates back a few month.
There was an interview of Nobiyo in the "Electronic Gaming Magazine-
Espanol Feb. 2007" which was sold in the end of this January.

Actually, we had an interview from EGM as a mail interview by
Densho (his nickname), who came to Japan for the report of
"JUMP FESTA", at the end of Dec. 2006.
I've never met him directly yet, but he is my good friend
even after he went back to his home country;Mexico.
'Cause he is also a big fan of "football(soccer)" as same as I!
I do like Mexico and U.S.A.'s national football team!
Is there a football fan who is reading this blog?

Well, going back to the subject,
following is the EGM Feb.2007 which has an interview of Nobiyo.

The article was made up from 10 questions from Densho.
About the BLUE DRAGON, about the videogame music today,
about Nobiyo's plans for 2007, and other various questions.

Following is the quotations from his article、

Blue Dragon is the first next-gen Japanese RPG;
although Uematsu is interested in new technologies,
does not believe that this oblige him to change his peculiar style.
"I've never composed a soundtrack for PS3 or Wii yet,
so I'm not sure but, I think that even if consoles evolves,
my composition speed doesn't become faster, nor improve
my ability to compose neither", he says.
And, what's the Maestro's opinion about the modern videogames music?
"The videogames consoles advanced greatly, and now, we can use
the music which was recorded in the studio like the ordinary music.
But, on the other hand, sometimes I feel that the videogame music,
which has a remarkable personality, is decreasing."

And I heard from him that there are a lot of fans of Nobiyo in Mexico, too!
Recently, there is an airlines which offer nonstop "Japan-Mexico" service.
That means I must go there in the near future!

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